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Farmavit Neo is a series of vitamin and mineral complexes for cats, dogs, birds and rodents. A well-known vitamin-mineral complex of domestic manufacture, that has been presented for more than 20 years on the market. It is intended for diet’s enrichment with vitamins, amino acids and minerals in case of unbalanced feeding and during special periods of the animal's life. It is recommended for the prevention of hypovitaminosis and metabolic disorders.

5 cases, when animals need vitamins’ administration

Unbalanced feeding (home made feedings, «economy -class» feedings)

Special life periods (Pregnancy, lactation, active growth and development, aging, post-castration period)

Sick days and rehabilitation

Increased exercise

Stress situations

Balanced composition

- 11 vitamins

- Macro and micro elements

- Amino acids

- Biologically active components

Clinically proven effectiveness

100% pronounced therapeutic efficiency
* Tested on groups of 457 animals (cats, dogs, birds, rodents)

Good palatability

79% of cats eat Farmavit Neo by themselves
87% of dogs eat Farmavit Neo by themselves
* Tested on groups of 132 cats and 60 dogs


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