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Фармакс поздравляет с Международным женским днем

07 March 2019

Farmaks congratulates with March 8

Внимание! Акция Звезда удачи от Омега Neo+

01 March 2019

Attention! Special offer — Lucky Star from Omega Neo+

Look for gold and silver tablets in Omega Neo+ packing and get prizes!

Зорька Надежная защита Neo

18 February 2019

New product for treatment of nipples after milking Zorka “Reliable Protection” Neo

Farmaks has launched a new product for treatment of the udder’s nipples after milking Zorka “Reliable Protection” Neo.

Зерно Комбикорма Ветеринария 2019

06 February 2019

Farmaks at the international exhibition MVC: Grain-Mixedfeed-Veterinary

The XXIV International Specialized Trade and Industrial Exhibition “MVC: Grain-Mixedfeed-Veterinary” was held in Moscow at VDNKh from January 29 to January 31.. Enterprise "Farmaks" was one of the 440 exhibitors.

Фальсификат настойки чемерицы

01 February 2019

Attention, Fake! Farmaks counterfeit products are detected

In preparation for the registration in Georgia of drugs for veterinary use produced by Farmaks a fake tincture of hellebore was discovered.

Азотная среда

28 January 2019

Farmaks starts to exploit technology of packing under the nitrogen blanket

Packing under the nitrogen blanket allows making the products of Farmaks enterprise devoted to pets more safe and also helps to keep all their useful qualities and palatability traits

Зерно комбикорма ветеринария 2019

21 January 2019

We invite you to the exhibition Grain-Mixedfeed-Veterinary

We invite you to visit our booth at the XXVI international specialized trade and industrial exhibition "Grain-Mixedfeed-Veterinary"

Новая омега Neo+

14 January 2019

All-new product! Vitaminized treat Omega Neo +

“Farmaks” enterprise sounds off start of sales of vitaminized treat Omega Neo+. During the rebranding of Omega Neo the following changes were done: logotype, packing, composition and product line.

C Новым 2019 годом!

29 December 2018

Happy New Year!

Farmaks enterprise congratulates all clients, partners and friends with New 2019 Year.



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