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Happy New Year!

29 Декабря 2018

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Зерно комбикорма ветеринария 2019

21 January 2019

Платиновый знак качества

20 December 2018

Zorka creams and Zorka Luxe creams are honoured with Platinum quality mark

Products of Farmaks enterprise: “Zorka” cream and “Zorka Luxe” cream were rewarded with Platinum quality marks once again within the program “All-Russian mark (III Millenium). XXI century quality mark”.

Проект «Собака в помощь»

17 December 2018

Farmaks enterprise took part in the project “Dog to the rescue”

Project “Dog to the rescue” prepares dogs for helping and social integration of children with disabilities. First animals that got special training already found the owners.



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