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Alcohol iodine solution 5%

Alcohol iodine solution 5% is an antiseptic agent for animals, intended for:

  • for pre-injection, preoperative and postoperative asepsis
  • for asepsis of fresh traumatic skin lesions, furunculosis, fistula
  • as an irritating and distracting remedy for chronic inflammation of the joints, tendons, muscles

Alcohol iodine solution 5%:

  • has antimicrobial, hemostatic effects
  • accelerates wound healing
  • has irritating effect


  • Iodine

  • alcohol

  • potassium iodide

  • distilled water

Mode of application

The drug is applied to the affected areas of the skin, in case of extensive damage - to the edges of the wound.


Polymer flacons 50 ml, 100 ml




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