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After milking product Zorka Bio Balance with prebiotic

Zorka Bio Balance is designed for processing of udder’s teats after milking:

  • forms a film with a skin-regenerating effect

1. normalizes the balance of microflora on the teats skin
2. Protects the udder against the penetration of pathogenic microflora

  • accelerates the closing of the teat canal

Zorka Bio Balance product is recommended for use:

  • in cases of frequent dermhelminthiasis of the teats (hyperkeratosis, papillomas, erosions)
  • after the use of aggressive agents before and after milking with high concentrations of disinfectants (more than 2 g / l)
  • as an alternative to agents with any disinfectants in case of allergies in treated animals and milkmaids
  • in cases of relatively safe sanitary and epizootic conditions


Complex of natural film-forming agents + cosmetic prebiotics

Cosmetic prebiotics create friendly environment for restoring of the natural balance of microflora on the surface of the skin, which results in:

  • resistance and antagonistic activity to foreign pathogenic microflora is increased
  • secretory skin function is normalized
  • the protective functions of the skin and resistance to negative environmental factors are enhanced
  • there is healing effect for small parts of damaged skin
  • the result of product’s using is as close as possible to the caring effect of creams


Icon "Reducing the incidence of mastitis"

  • decrease in the incidence of mastitis from 7 to 2% *
  • from 40 to 10% - reduction of skin lesions of the udder teats with erosions, sores, cracks, papillomas and crusts in treated cows *

* Tested on a group of 50 cows during 4 weeks.


  • It is safe for lactic acid bacteria (does not cause disbalance of microflora in comparison with aggressive agents)

- hypoallergenicity in comparison with the disinfectants
- neutral pH

  • Does not have inhibiting effect
  • special personal protective equipment is not required
  • Does not have locally irritating, dermato-resorptive and sensibilizing effect on the skin of animals and the hands’ skin of operating personnel.


  • Highly economic consumption (3-5 ml per cow)
  • high drying speed (the film is formed during 3-7 minutes)
  • visual control of processing (green color of the film)
  • year-round use


  • Natural film-forming substances

  • allantoin

  • a complex of cosmetic prebiotics (inulin from chicory root and alpha-glucan oligosaccharides from sugar beet)

Mode of application

The product is ready to use.

At the end of the milking, right after the removing of the milking machine from the udder, the product is applied by alternately dipping the teats into the disinfection bowl for 1-3 seconds. When applying the product, it is necessary to process at least ¾ of the surface of each udder’s teat.

After processing, do not wipe.
The used liquid from the bowl should not be poured back into the container with the product.

Special personal protective equipment is not required when working with that product.

Before the next milking, Zorka “Bio Balance” product is washed off with warm water or with an udder treatment agent before milking Zorka “Purity Index”.


Polymer canisters 10 l

Polymer canisters 20 l


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