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After milking product Zorka Mild Protection Neo with cetrimide and herbs’ extract

Zorka Mild Protection Neo is designed for processing of the udder’s teats after milking:

  • forms a film with a caring effect
  • softens and nourishes the teats’ skin
  • reduces itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
  • protects the udder against penetration of pathogenic microflora
  • accelerates the closing of the teat canal

Zorka Mild Protection Neo product is recommended:

  • as an alternative to agents with iodine in cases of allergies or negative reactions to iodine in animals and humans
  • in cases of increased incidences of diseases in cows stipulated by infectious factors (especially staphylococcal and streptococcal microflora)


Film-forming substances + cetrimide + caring components


The innovative complex of film-forming substances forms an ultrathin film that keeps all active components in the periods between milking and provides protection against irritation, dryness and tightening of the skin.

Cetrimide and herbal extracts provide soft, prolonged disinfection.


Icon "Reducing in mastitis incidences"

  • reduction in the incidences of clinical forms of mastitis from 5 to 3% *
  • reduction in the incidences of subclinical mastitis from 10 to 5% *
  • 100% of machine milking operators noted the pronounced softening effect of the udder’s teats skin in treated cows *


* Tested on a group of 85 cows during 2 months.


  • optimal concentration of cetrimide (1.0 g / l) in respect of effectiveness and safety
  • hypoallergenicity in comparison with iodine-based drugs
  • does not block dermal respiration and does not cause maceration of the skin
  • neutral pH
  • Does not have an inhibitory effect
  • special personal protective equipment is not required
  • Does not have locally irritating, dermato-resorptive and sensibilizing action on the skin of animals and the hands’ skin of operating personnel.


  • Highly economic consumption (2-3 ml per cow)
  • high drying speed (the film is formed during 2-7 minutes)
  • visual control of the processing (orange color of the film)
  • year-round use


  • Film-forming substances

  • beggar-ticks extract

  • plantain extract

  • cetrimide

  • lanolin derivative

  • chamomile extract

  • tansy extract

  • allantoin

Mode of application

The product is ready to use.

At the end of the milking, right after the removing of the milking machine from the udder, the product is applied by 2 methods:

1.      By means of alternately dipping the teats into the disinfection bowl for 1-3 seconds.

2.      By spraying with the sprayer. Can be used in robot- milkers.

When applying the product, it is necessary to process at least ¾ of the surface of each udder’s teat.
After processing, do not wipe.

The used liquid from the bowl should not be poured back into the container with the product.

Special personal protective equipment is not required when working with that product.

Before the next milking, Zorka “Mild Protection Neo” product is washed off with warm water or with an udder treatment agent before milking Zorka “Purity Index”.


Polymer canisters 10 l, 20 l


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