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Omega Neo for birds with biotin

Omega Neo is a delicious and useful multivitamin treat for parrots, pigeons, canaries:

  • improves the condition of the skin and feathers
  • promotes the correct formation of the beak and claws, protects them from brittleness
  • reduces from the risk of joints inflammation
  • promotes the proper development of bones
  • Omega-3 class fatty acids

    to maintain immunity, improve skin and feathers
  • Vitamin H (biotin)

    to provide a healthy appearance to the feather and increase the strength of claws

  • Herbal flour

    for improving immunity
  • Brewer's yeast

    is a natural source of B vitamins

Excellent palatability

100% of birds eat Omega Neo with relish

*tested on a group of 174 birds

Source of Omega-3 class fatty acids

Omega Neo treat contains in its composition fatty Omega-3 class acids, that are needed for immunity support, improvement of skin and feather condition.

Natural composition

Omega Neo treat is made of natural components: brewer’s yeast with addition of fatty  Omega-3 class acids and natural flavoring additives


  • Common beer yeast

  • herbal flour

  • milk powder

  • Omega-3 class fatty acids (0.3%)

  • vitamin H

Mode of application

It is recommended in 1/5 - 1/2 teaspoon dosages daily throughout the year.
Compatible with all feed ingredients and vitamin preparations without any risk of overdose.


Granulated powder 50 g




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