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Denaturized emulsified placenta (DEP)

DEP – an injectable tissue preparation intended for the prevention and treatment of obstetric-gynecological diseases (mastitis-metritic-agalactia syndrome, mastitis, retained placenta, endometritis, infertility, sexual dysfunction).

Biologically active substances that are part of the composition:

  • stimulate the sexual function of animals
  • repair the damaged tissues and optimize reparative processes
  • have anti-inflammatory and dissolving effects
  • improve metabolism, normalize blood characteristics
  • stimulate the formation of the general and cellular immunity of the body of young animals and adult animals.


DEP is a sterile tissue preparation based on the human placenta-a natural complex of biologically active substances necessary for normal vital activity and protection of the body from infectious, toxic and stress factors during critical periods of life.


Wide range of applications:

• therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of gynecological diseases in cows and pigs - 85-95% 1

• preventive treatment of newborn cows reduces the probability and severity of postpartum endometritis by 50-60% 1


1According to feedbacks of the specialists of agricultural enterprises, who used DEP for a long time


Does not contain antibiotics and hormones

Does not have contraindications and side effects

There is no safety interval for milk and meat

Safe for the natural microflora of the uterus


  • A sterile tissue preparation made of a healthy human placenta. Balanced natural complex of biologically active substances of placenta: peptides, nucleic and hexuronic acids, amino acids, vitamins.

Mode of application

Ingestible administration.


Endometritis and retention of placenta

Post partum and in 72 hours

To cows hypodermically

20 ml

To breeding sows intramuscularly

10 ml


Retention of placenta

Double twice at interval  24-36 hours

To cows hypodermically

30 ml

Endometritis, mastitis

5-7 times (up to recovery) at interval 48-72  hours

20 ml

Endometritis, mastitis-metritic-agalactia syndrome, mastitis

4-5 times (up to recovery) at interval 48-72 hours

To breeding sows intramuscularly

10 ml


As part of complex therapy DEP allows to reduce the dosage of antibiotics and other medicines, which reduces the side effects of these drugs, while reducing costs and increasing the effectiveness of general therapy.


Glass flacons 100 ml, 250 ml, 450 ml




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