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Scientific and Production Enterprise Farmaks

The Scientific and Production enterprise "Farmaks" Pvt. Ltd was established in 1991 and is committed to the development, production and sales of therapeutic preparations for productive and domestic animals as well as human use cosmetic substances.
The enterprise now consists of five manufacturing laboratories, a quality management laboratory and a multi-field scientific research laboratory.

Laboratory. Photo 1.Laboratory. Photo 2.Laboratory. Photo 3.

Laboratory. Photo 4.Laboratory. Photo 5.

Today the "SPE "Farmaks" Pvt. Ltd occupies a leading position among Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, working actively in the field of new technologies, producing safe and effective medications for veterinary use.
Many of its preparations are formulated by the company`s scientific research laboratory experts and have no equivalents elsewhere. Most of the preparations are patented and have copyright certificates. All the preparations shown below have been awarded Gold and the Platinum quality badges by the Russian State Establishment for Standardization:
Vitamin mineral complex "Farmavit Neo";
Multivitamin pet treat "Omega Neo";
Udder cream "Zorka";
Human placenta biodyne "Denatured Emulsified Placenta";
Preparation for treatment of gastrointestinal problems "Biogel - 5" with propolis extract;
Preparation for treatment of obstetric-gynecologic problems "Biogel - 10" with propolis extract;

Quality is of primary importance in all company activities. The company`s quality management system covers all basic processes of development, production and preparation sales and guarantees high performance and safety for consumers.

Laboratory. Photo 6.Laboratory. Photo 7.Laboratory. Photo 8.

Systematic analysis of the market, examination of buyers needs and demands are the basis for the development of new preparations. New ideas, and as a result, new researches and developments unite the company`s market capabilities with the latest achievements in chemistry, veterinary and human medicine, pharmacy and biology.
"SPE Farmaks" employ staff with the highest professional qualifications and scientific potential to ensure it continues to be the leader in its field.

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