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Wet wipes for skin and skin folds COME ALONG TO WALK!

Soft wipes for dogs and cats are impregnated with a hypoallergenic composition, effectively remove specific skin and skin folds’ impurities (street dirt, moisture, sweat, fat, feed residues).


  • Oak bark extract

    Promotes drying of skin folds
  • Beggar-ticks, chamomile, aloe extracts

    Remove itching, irritation and redness, prevent from the development of skin inflammation and skin folds

Developed for urban animals

Products are developed in cooperation with pets’ owners and veterinarian experts, taking into account the needs of urban animals

Natural components

High concentrations of natural oils, plant extracts and biologically active natural components

Improved safety

Hypoallergenic, pH-balanced impregnation formula, does not contain alcohol

Proven efficiency

  • 100% - skin and skin folds are well cleaned up
  • 56% - skin folds  are dried a little, irritation and redness are decreased
  • 100% - absence of undesirable effects (itching, irritation, redness)

* Tested on a group of 27 animals

Optimum size of napkin

 handy soft napkin 210х130 mm

Active components

  • Soft cleaning components

  • Antiseptic additives

  • Trehalose

  • Water-soluble lanolin

  • Oak bark extract

  • Beggar-ticks extract

  • Chamomile extract

  • Aloe extract

  • Tea tree oil

  • Allantoin


50 pieces




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