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Biocorrector for dogs

Biocorrector RD - feed additive for normalization of gastro-intestinal tract’s activity, that provides integrated effect: Prebiotic + Enterosorbent + Motility regulator.

It is recommended as a supplement:

  • In cases of dyspepsia, (diarrhea, retention of feces, gaseous distention);
  • Loin disease;
  • disbacteriosis.

Unique composition

Unique combination: Wheat bran + wine yeast Saccharomyces vini

Combined effect

  • Assists in normalization of intestinal tract microflora
  • Removes harmful substances from the organism
  • Stimulates the intestinal activity

Naturalness and safety

Feed additive is made of natural components, has a gentle, natural for an organism effect

Clinically proven effectiveness

Feed additive is effective in cases of: disbacteriosis, loin disease  and intestinal obstruction *

*tested on 65 animals

Easy to store

Special storage conditions for that feed additive are not required, can be kept at room temperature


  • Wheat bran fermented by a strain of wine yeasts of Saccharomyces vini

  • Natural flavor additive

Mode of application

It is recommended to administrate once a day before feeding or along with the food as long as symptoms disappearance is observed in a course of 30 days use.

Long-term (no less than 30 days) regular administration will provide a stable fixed effect from its use.

It is fed in its pure form, can be crushed into powder and mixed with food, water, also it can be introduced into the hot food. Inurement is not required, administration can be started with the recommended single doses.


Small breeds of dogs (up to 10 kg)

5 tablets

Medium breeds of dogs (10-30 kg)

10 tablets

Large breeds of dogs (over 30 kg)

15 tablets

Large doses can be divided into several administrations.


90 tablets


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