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Birch tar oil

Birch bark tar is a natural antiseptic agent intended for processing of livestock premises, equipment and implements.
The birch bark tar, thanks to the active ingredients that are included into the composition, has the following effects:

  • antiseptic, disinfectant, insecticidal and antiparasitic
  • anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, degreasing, drainage, decreased exudation
  • improvement of tissues’ blood supply, enhancement of the keratinization process, keratoplastic effect, acceleration of healing of damaged skin.

Balanced natural complex of birch bark’s biologically active substances: mixture of phenols, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, hydrocarbons of various classes.


  • The product of a dry distillation of birch bark.

Mode of application

For the disinfection of premises, animal care items, for tarring of the premises’ foundations, used in a pure form or in the form of 5-10% emulsion.

For the disinfection of leather harness the pure tar is used.

Veterinarians use birch bark tar for the prevention and treatment of hooves disease, horn shoe, damaged hooves (cracks, splits, excessive growth of hoof horn and chronic skin diseases of animals. In this case the drug is carefully rubbed with the wool-gauze plug into a clean and dry sole and hoof arrow or affected skin areas 1-2 times a day for 5-12 days, in case of fungal diseases - up to 3 weeks.


Polymer flacons 100 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter




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