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Farmavit Neo A for poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks)

Farmavit Neo A is a vitamin and mineral complex for poultry intended for:

  • increase in weight gain and egg production of mature bird
  • Improve hatchability and chick livability
  • Cessation of egg pecking
  • increase in weight and nutritional value of eggs
  • Prevention of developmental disability in visual organs, bones, feathers
  • normalization of metabolism and prevention of hypovitaminosis
  • improvement in persistence to diseases


  • 9 vitamins
  • Biotin

prevents loss of feather and beak disease, normalizes the course of moulting

  • Folic acid

supports egg production; stimulates hatchability, growth and feathering of offspring, prevents anemia


  • The composition is balanced taking into account the daily requirements of the poultry
  • Suitable for any type of feeding and age of poultry


100% marked preventive and therapeutic efficacy1


1 tested on groups of laying hens, broiler chickens, goslings, ducklings, turkey chicks (365 heads).


  • made of natural, ecologically-green raw materials
  • does not contain antibiotics, hormones, mycotoxins, GMO and growth stimulators


  • Fat- soluble vitamins: А, D3, Е

  • Basis: dry skim milk (source of calcium), wheat bran (source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc)

  • Water -soluble vitamins: В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, ВС (folic acid), В12, Н (biotin)

Mode of application

Feed additive is ready for use. Do not enter into hot food.


It is given constantly 5 times a week with a forage in a following dose per day:


Chicks- under 4 weeks

5 g per 15 animals

Chicks over 4 weeks

10 g per 10 animals

Offspring of geese, turkey, duck – over 2 weeks

10 g per 10 animals

Mature birds

5 g per 10 animals

With marked signs of a lack of vitamins, the daily dose can be increased 2 times, but not more than during 3 weeks.


5 g of powder «Farmavit® Nео А» – one table spoon.



Polymer bags 100 g, 1 kg, 8 kg

Polimer cans 350 g


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