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Fish oil

Fish oil is a natural source of Omega-3 acids and vitamin A.

It is an effective general tonic product

It is designed to prevent hypovitaminosis and metabolic disorders in the tissues of the skin and hair-coat covering  and in a body as a whole:

  • in cases of unbalanced feeding
  • during the recovery period after the illnesses
  • under stressful situations

It is recommended for normalization of growth and development of the offspring.

Quality control system

Fish oil is purchased directly from the trout farm from Karelia.

Clinically proven efficiency

100% marked preventive and therapeutic effectiveness1


1Tested on groups of cats and dogs (55 animals), weaning piglets (50 animals)


  • Produced of natural, ecologically-green raw materials

Does not contain hormones, GMO and growth stimulators


  • Veterinary oil from fish and marine mammals. 1 ml of the supplement "Fish oil" contains not less than 10 IU of vitamin A.

Mode of application

Feed additive is given into a mixture with the feed in the following doses:

  • cats and dogs - 0.5-1 ml / kg body weight
  • pigs - 0.1-0.3 ml / kg of live weight


Polymer flacons 100, 330, 500 ml, 1 l

handled bottles 5 l

Canisters 20 l



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