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Gempotin spray

Gempotin – three-in-one (3 in 1):

  • universal phytoantiseptic for all species of animals and birds
  • accelerating recovery process’s agent
  • natural film

Gempotin has the following effects:

  • bactericidal (active against Gram-positive, gram-negative and spore microflora, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa)
  • anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and capillary-strengthening
  • stimulates the regeneration of tissues
  • astringent, drying action
  • protective action

Polyphenols (flavonoids), essential oils, resins


Due to the balanced natural complex of biologically active substances of black poplar’s buds:

  • antiseptic effect is comparable to iodine solution
  • healing and anti-inflammatory effects are similar to propolis extract
  • natural film provides a prolonged effect, protects against secondary infection and deodorizes septic wounds.


  • therapeutic and prophylactic efficacy in the treatment of surgical diseases, in processing of surgical area during castration, in the processing of the umbilical cord is similar to traditional drugs (5% iodine solution, 10% ichthyol ointment, streptocid, tricillin, alcoholic solution of furacilin, sintomycin emulsion, potassium permanganate solution, 70% ethyl alcohol) 1
  • shorter recovery time compared to traditional drugs1.

1According to the results of tests for effectiveness of the drug Gempotin at agricultural enterprises.


Does not cause skin burn and maceration
Does not cause resistance of pathogenic microflora
Hypoallergenicity (in contrast to preparations based on iodine and tar)
Does not contain antibiotics and hormones
There is no safety interval for milk and meat
Has no contraindications and side effects


  • Extracted with ethyl alcohol black poplar’s buds.

Mode of application

Suitable for:

  • any species, age and physiological conditions of animals and birds
  • application at all stages of treatment for damaged skin and any skin diseases.
  • the majority of surgical and hygienic procedures:

Field of application


Operating aseptic

Processing of the surgeon’s hands, surgical field, injection field during vaccination, injections of drugs, blood collection

Treatment of surgical wounds

Processing of postoperative sutures, umbilical stump, after castration, tails and ears cropping, caesarean section, obstetrics and dehorning

Treatment of damaged skin

Processing of infected and uninfected injuries (wounds, abrasions, cracks, scratches, calluses, ulcers, intertrigo, decubitus)

Treatment of abscesses and bursitis

Washing of body cavities (with dissolving)

Treatment of skin diseases

Processing of damaged areas (Eczema, dermatitis, pododermatitis)

Hygienic procedures

Processing of skin folds, ear cleaning, skin treatment after claws’ cutting,  clipping, trimming, shaving

dental treatment

oral cavity sanation (with dissolving)

It is applied to the damaged surface with a sterile gauze plug or spraying 1 - 2 times a day for 5 - 7 days (if necessary, more frequent application).
To obtain a more dense protective film, apply in several layers.
To rinse the cavities and use on mucous membranes, it is diluted with boiled or distilled water in a ratio of 1:10.




Polymer flacons with spray caps 100 ml


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