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Kubavet D

Kubavet D is a natural antiseptic agent based on birch bark tar and isopropyl alcohol. The active substances of birch bark tar, which is part of Kubavet D, have the following effects:

  • antiseptic, disinfectant, insecticidal and antiparasitic
  • anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, degreasing, drainage, reducing exudation effect
  • improvement of tissues’ blood supply, enhancement of the hornification process, keratoplastic action, acceleration of damaged skin’s healing.

The oily consistency of Kubavet D protects the saturated surfaces from moisture penetration and reduces cracking. After drying, Kubavet D forms a natural protective film that prevents from softening, drying out and the formation of fungus on the treated surface.


  • Birch bark tar

    Contains a balanced natural complex of biologically active substances: a mixture of phenols, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, hydrocarbons of various classes.

  • Isopropyl alcohol

    It has a powerful antiseptic effect. After application, it evaporates quickly, increasing the effectiveness of birch bark tar on the treated surface.

Mode of application

Kubavet D is ready to use.

Kubavet D is applied to a previously cleaned and dried surface using a spray gun in 2-3 layers - each subsequent one, after the previous one has dried. Repeated treatments are carried out as needed.

Veterinarians use birch bark tar and products based on it for the treatment of various skin lesions, often after dehydration, for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the hooves, horn shoe, hoof injuries (cracks, splits, excessive growth of the hoof horn) and chronic skin diseases of animals.


Polymer flacons with spray caps 100 ml


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