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Vit-Active Cats hair health

Vit-Active is a vitamin and mineral complex for improving the condition of the skin and hair coat, meeting the physiological needs of cats in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, enriching the diet with natural antioxidants and prebiotics.

Promotes an active and healthy cat’s lifestyle

  • 9 vitamins

  • Biotin and PABA

    strengthens the hair structure, reduces the duration of moult, restores hair density, increases skin elasticity, enhances color brightness

  • Taurine

    essential for maintaining of visual acuity and normal functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Natural antioxidants

    protect cell membranes from destruction, prevent from many diseases, accelerate the healing process

  • Natural prebiotics

    normalize the digestion process, increase the absorption of vitamins, micro- elements and antioxidants

Innovative composition

Natural antioxidants prevent from many diseases, accelerate the healing process.

Natural prebiotics promote the absorption of vitamins, micro elements and antioxidants

Clinically proven effectiveness

100% pronounced preventive and therapeutic efficacy

* tested on groups of 570 animals (cats, dogs)

Good palatability

77% of cats eat Vit-Active on their own

* tested on a group of 132 cats

Ease of use

  • 120 tablets are enough for 2-4 courses of use
  • convenient dosage


  • Liposoluble vitamins: A, D3, E

  • Water-soluble vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, H (biotin)

  • Amino acids: taurine, PABA

  • Minerals: calcium, phosphorus

  • Biologically active ingredients: grape seed extract (natural antioxidant), Jerusalem potato powder (natural prebiotic)

  • Tablet base: brewer's yeast

Mode of application

Recommended once a day for at least 30 days

- cats less than 4 kg - 1 tablet

- cats over 4 kg - 2 tablets

Vit-Active is compatible with all feed ingredients and medicines.


120 tablets per 0,5 g


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