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Cream My Sun with enhanced anti-inflammatory effect

Cream My Sun is intended for skin care of teats and udder of milking animals in the presence of the expressed influence of external irritating factors (pasture grass, insects’ activity, coarse bedding, etc.).

Cream My Sun:

- simplifies the  manual milking and prevents from the consequences of machine milking

- helps to close the teat’s sphincter after milking

- solves the problems of teats and udders’ skin:

  • softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • reduces the soreness and inflammation, itching and irritation of the skin
  • accelerates the healing of small wounds
  • prevents from the formation of cracks, dryness, peeling and tightening of the skin
  • protects the skin from weathering


Floralysine + Omega-3 acid + Plantain Extract


- inflammation reduction

- reduction of the phenomenon of pain

- elimination of scratchy and irritating


  • is made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials
  • safe for lactic acid bacteria
  • neutral pH
  • hypoallergenic, does not have a local irritating effect on the skin of animals and hands of milkmaids


Packaging ensures hygienic cleanliness, comfortable dosing and use.


Cream My sun 70 ml is made on the basis of medical Vaseline with the addition of flavoring agent. The cream has a light consistency and has a pleasant herbal aroma.


  • Floralysine 5%

  • plantain extract

  • Vaseline

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids of Omega-3 class

  • demineralized water

  • flavoring agent (tube 70 ml)

Mode of application

In case of manual milking cream is used as per the following scheme:

  • before milking (after sanitization of the udder);
  • after milking is finished.


In case of mechanical method, the cream is applied at the end of the milking, right after removing of the milking machine from the udder.

The cream is applied to the teats of the udder by massaging movements and rubbing it into the skin.


Polymer tubes with a screw cap (70 ml) and with a flip-top hinged cover (200 ml) 70 ml, 200 ml


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