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Tonic-regenerative milk

Tonic- regenerative milk is a professional hygienic product for daily skin care of nipples and udders of dairy animals.

Tonic-regenerative milk:

- facilitates hand milking and prevents from the consequences of machine milking

- promotes the closure of the teat sphincter after milking

- solves nipples and udder skin problems:

  • prevents the occurrence of dryness, tension of the skin and the formation of cracks, erosion, hyperkeratosis
  • softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves its tone and elasticity;
  • accelerates skin recovery in case of peeling, abrasions, cracks, erosion

High efficiency

A combination of active substances - sea buckthorn oil, dexpanthenol, allantoin:

  • enrich the skin with vitamins A and E, tone the skin and prevent inflammatory processes
  • have a regenerating and soothing effect on the skin

Combination of moisturizer, mineral and vegetable oils:

  • provide long-term skin hydration
  • form on the skin a light, not interfering with skin breathing, a protective layer that protects against chapping and external irritants

High safety

  • safe for lactic acid bacteria
  • has a neutral pH
  • hypoallergenic, has no inhibitory effect, no local irritant effect on the skin of animals and the hands of milkmaids

Easy to use

  • The packaging ensures hygienic cleanliness, comfortable dosing and use
  • The milk has a light flowing consistency, easy to spread and quickly absorbed
  • Economical consumption


  • Sea buckthorn oil extract

  • Base of vegetable and mineral oils

  • Humidifier PEG-4000

  • Allantoin

  • Dexpanthenol

Mode of application

При ручном доении молочко применяют:

- перед доением (после санитарной обработки вымени);

- после завершения доения.

При машинном доении молочко применяют по окончании доения, сразу после снятия доильного аппарата с вымени.

Молочко наносят на соски вымени массирующими движениями.


 Полимерный флакон скрышкой "флип-топ" 330 мл


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