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Veterinary Vaseline

Veterinary Vaseline:

  • used as an auxiliary substance for the production of creams and ointments for animals
  • simplifies the manual milking
  • cares of the udder’s teats skin
  • prevents the consequences of machine milking

Produced in accordance with GOST

produced in accordance with GOST 13037-84 using high quality raw materials

Stable qualitative

stable qualitative characteristics of the product (consistency, homogeneity, odor, color, transparency, etc.)


absence of harmful impurities


  • Vaseline 100%

Mode of application

Veterinary Vaseline can be used in combination with any medicines in the processes of creams and ointments’ manufacturing.

In case of manual milking veterinary Vaseline is applied before the milking 

(after sanitization of the udder) and after milking is finished.

In case of mechanical method, veterinary Vaseline is applied at the end of the milking, right after removing of the milking machine from the udder.

Veterinary Vaseline is applied to the teats of the udder by massaging movements and rubbing it into the skin.


Polymer cans and buckets 200 g, 800 g, 17 kg


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