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Vitamin-mineral complex Vit-Active is created for pet owners who care about the health, longevity and high quality of their pets’ life. Vit-Active was developed in close cooperation with leading experts in the field of veterinary medicine and contains all the necessary biologically active substances: vitamins, amino acids, minerals. Simple and easy to use

To increase the effectiveness vitamin and mineral complex is strengthened with phytonutrients: natural antioxidants and natural prebiotics

5 cases, when vitamins are needed to the animal

Unbalanced feeding

Exceptional periods of life

Sick and rehabilitation periods

Increased exercise

Stress situations

Balanced composition

Full complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Natural antioxidants prevent from many diseases at an early stage

Natural prebiotics improve the absorption of vitamins, micro-elements and antioxidants

Calcium in bioavailable form is effectively absorbed by the body

Clinically proven effectiveness

Increases the body's resistance

Effectively prevents from the symptoms of hypovitaminosis and the occurrence of infectious noncommunicable diseases

Significantly improves the condition of the skin and hair

Supports health of kittens and puppies during the active growth period

* based on the study results on a group of 317 cats and kittens, 253 dogs and puppies

Ease of administration

  • convenient dosage
  • optimal packing volume
  • practical modern packaging

77% of cats eat Vit-Active on their own

83% of dogs eat Vit – Active on their own

* tested on groups of 132 cats and 60 dogs.

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