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Biocorrector RD – feed additive for normalization of gastro-intestinal tract’s activity, that provides integrated effect: Prebiotic + Enterosorbent + Motility regulator

5 causes of gastrointestinal tract problems’ occurrence

dreary diet

Drug administration

sedentary lifestyle

excess weight

Negative environmental situation

Unique composition

Unique combination: Wheat bran + wine yeast Saccharomyces vini.

Combined effect

- Promotes normalization of intestinal microflora

- Cleans the body of harmful substances

- Stimulates intestinal function

Naturalness and safety

The additive is made of natural ingredients, it has a soft, natural effect on the body.

Clinically proven effectiveness

Easy to store

The additive does not require special storage conditions, it is stored at room temperature.

Biocorrector RD - health by nature!


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