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Farmavit Active is a new generation of vitamin and mineral complexes, the first domestic vitamin and mineral complex for pets with fruit enzymes (bromelain and papain):
• supports the balance of vitamins, amino acids and minerals,
• replenishes the deficiency of enzymes in the body,
• increases the enzymatic potential of the body,
• improves the absorption of biologically active substances

4 reasons to add fruit enzymes into the animals’ dietary structure

Enzymes strengthen vitamins’ adsorption

Enzymes simplify digestion

Enzymes are safe

Organism has a lack of enzymes

Innovative composition

- Fruit enzymes (mark) Bromeline Papain

- Rutin

- Cooper and zink chelate compounds

Clinically proven effectiveness

Increase of body’s resistance

Results of animals’ blood value after administration of «Farmavit Active»: (show table data in the form of diagram)

Convenience of use

- convenient dosing
- the optimal size of packaging
- convenient packing

Good palatability

82% of cats eat Farmavit Active on their own
90% of dogs eat Farmavit Active on their own
* Tested on groups of 132 cats and 60 dogs


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