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Contract manufacturing

"Scientific and production enterprise "Farmaks" invites Russian and foreign partners to long-term cooperation and offers contract manufacturing services.

The scientific and production base of the enterprise allows developing and manufacturing veterinary drugs, feed additives, care products for domestic and farm animals in the following drugs forms:

Solid form

  • Tablets
  • Granules

Soft forms

  • Ointment
  • Liniment
  • Cream
  • Wax

Liquid forms

  • Solutions
  • Tinctures and extracts
  • Suspensions
  • Emulsions
  • Gels

We are offering the
following options for cooperation:

  • Performance of the full cycle of product’s development and production (formulation development, preclinical and clinical researches, preparation of the registration dossier, registration and certification of the product, package design development, product manufacturing, delivery to the customer's warehouse within the agreed timeframes).
  • Execution of separate phases of product’s development and production in accordance with specified parameters.

ZAO “NPP “Farmaks”
is a reliable partner
for contract manufacturing

  • It had been successfully engaged in the development, production and sale of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs, feed additives and veterinary care products for 25 years.
  • Has an experience in developing and bringing to the market of successful brands that have been presenting on the market for more than 20 years.
  • Has a successful experience of contract manufacturing of well-known brands "Doctor Zoo", "SevaVit", "VitActiv".
  • Controls the quality of products at all stages of production. The quality control system covers the process of entrance control for raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products, as well as critical points of technological processes, cleaning processes and microclimate of production facilities.
  • Provides logistics. It has its own storage facilities, equipped with the necessary equipment.
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