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Омега Neo+ ГОСТ

23 October 2023

Omega Neo+ will be produced as per GOST

Starting from November 2023, the multivitamin treat Omega Neo+ will be produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 55985-2014 «Functional feed for non-productive animals»

Фармакс поздравляет с 15-летием ВетЗащитаАзия

29 August 2023

Farmaks congratulates its partner company «VetZashchitaAsia» on its 15th anniversary

NPP «Farmaks» has been cooperating with the «VetZashchitaAsia» company since 2008. The result of our cooperation is а well-functioning work of our enterprises in this field of activity.

19 July 2023

Brand New! Shampoo COME ALONG TO WALK! for cats and dogs in mini packaging

Brighter, more attractive and easier to use! Shampoos COME ALONG TO WALK! for cats and dogs will now be available in a new mini-pack

Всероссийский День Поля в Казани

12 July 2023

Farmaks at the «All-Russian Field Day» exhibition in Kazan

Representatives of the Scientific and Production Enterprise «Farmaks» took part in the agro-industrial exhibition «All-Russian Field Day», held from July 6 to 9 in Kazan

Фармакс на выставке Белагро-2023

22 June 2023

Farmaks at the Belagro-2023 exhibition in Minsk

The event took place in Minsk June 6 to 11 at the exhibition center of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park «Great Stone»

Фармавит Neo — в новой упаковке

31 May 2023

It's about time to change: Farmavit Neo - in a new package!

Brighter, more attractive, more contemporary - now Farmavit Neo vitamin and mineral complexes for cats, dogs, birds and rodents are available in a new colorful packaging

«Бигль – гончий пёс»

31 May 2023

Farmaks became a sponsor of the competition «Beagle - Hunting Dog»

The traditional canicross competition «Beagle - Hunting Dog» was held in the Moscow Region dated May 20th, it was organized by the beagle kennel «Beagledom "Isakovo"»

Фармакс на выставке Caspian Agro 2023 в Баку

30 May 2023

Farmaks at the Caspian Agro 2023 exhibition in Baku

Representatives of NPP Farmaks took part in the Caspian Agro 2023 exhibition as part of the joint stand of the Kirov region, and represented our products to the guests of the event

«Весенняя Вятка» в Кирове

05 April 2023

Farmaks became a sponsor of the dog show "Spring Vyatka" in Kirov city

The National Certification Dog Show of all breeds of the CAC-IKU rank “Spring Vyatka” was held in Kirov dated March 26


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