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Фармакс на международной выставке «ПаркЗоо 2022»

29 September 2022

Farmaks at the international exhibition «ParkZoo 2022»

The event was held in Moscow from September 21 to 23 at the international exhibition center «Crocus Expo»

Расширенный ассортимент шампуней АЙДА ГУЛЯТЬ!

19 September 2022

New product! Expanded range of shampoos Come along to walk! in new packages

From now on, the care products will be available in 300 ml bottles with a disc-top cap

Выставка в Кирове

13 July 2022

Farmaks became a sponsor of the All-Russian Dog Show in Kirov

The Dog Breeding Club «The Union of Cynologists of Vyatka» was the organizer of the exhibition

Фармакс на международной выставке

28 June 2022

Farmaks at the international exhibition «MVC: Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary 2022»

Each of the guests and participants of the event could visit the stand of «Farmaks» Pvt Ltd, as well as to get the close consultation in respect of the company products

Семинар по продукции Фармакс

08 June 2022

Farmaks has hosted a seminar for partners from the retail trade network “MoeZoo”

Farmaks hosted a meeting with representatives of the “MoeZoo” retail trade network, the main part of which was a seminar on the range of products for pets.

Зорька в тубе

02 June 2022

New packing! Zorka creams with extracts in a new convenient package

Zorka creams for daily care with floralizin and natural extracts of herbs, berries and cereals are now in a new convenient package - 200 ml tube with a flip top cap


13 April 2022

Iodinol is back to the market!

The sales of the well-known drug Iodinol, developed in the middle of the 20th century, better known as blue iodine are started.

05 April 2022

Farmaks held a meeting with partners-retail chains Zoki and Zoo43

The promotion of NPP «Farmaks» products this year was one of the key topics of the meeting

конкурс Я и моя собака

23 March 2022

Kirov dog breeders got gifts from NPP «Farmaks»

There were games «Me and my dog» for the owners and their pets in Kirov


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